The simplest way to create your CV

(Creation, Employers Targeting, Save, Job Alerts)

Very Simple

Make it

Use your time efficiently to find the most suitable job position...Not to make your CV over and over again.

Target it

Create targeted CVs according to employer and the job position.We suggest you keywords and tips based on your specialty.

Archive it / Save it

To which employer you have sent it. When you send it (date of postage).In which stage it currently is (pending, interview meeting, supplementary questionnaire, etc.)

Check Job Alerts

Check thousands job alerts in your profile that fit your CV. And of course, from all over the world!

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How it works

Fill in your Personal Information

Your CV must contain your real personal information (Name, Surname, Home Address, Phone Number, etc.). Help your employer communicate with you via more than one way (telephone, e-mail, social networks, etc.)

Fill in your Professional Experience

This is the most important section of your CV. In this section, all the previous job positions must be listed. Topcvmakers will help you with targeted keywords and suggestions relevant to your specialty! (Try to target your CV relatively to the job position for which you send the CV)

Fill in your Education

In this section, you will fill in your studies, your degrees, the seminars you attended, the prizes, the awards and whatever else you got. Attention: Depending on the job position you aim, you have to target your education.

You will write a summary for yourself

It seems hard, but it is not. Topcvmakers will help you with targeted keywords and suggested phrases, depending on the specialty you have entered in your CV, to build a great summary.

That’s it! You choose Template for your CV and you’re done

We have created, with the assistance of experienced HR Managers, a series of clean Templates in order to use them and not get kicked-out from Day 1! :)

Create your targeted and professional CVTotally Free!