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General is an innovative professional career platform. Here, users of any age and business profile can take advantage of our services. For the simple user we offer the opportunity of creating a contemporary and premium CV, having access to job postings that match his/her profile, compiling a business Cover Letter, making a dynamic Video CV, translating his/her CVor Cover Letter in more than 10 languages and creating an appropriate, business profile on LinkedIn (landing page link). At the same time, through blog one can get informed about the news and trends in the global job market and get free tips from business experts regarding career issues, job search and other related subjects.

Did you know?

4. Which information in my profile or in my CV will be used for finding matching job postings?

Any information you fill in Step 3 of the CV creation process under the title "Job Criteria" is initially utilized for finding matching open job positions for you.
Subsequently, after you complete your CV and purchase the subscription package you prefer, you go to the next page where you are asked to confirm the original information you gave regarding desired job position and fill in some extra for more representative and customized results. We are talking about general Skills and Computer Knowledge you have included in your CV and at this point are asked to grade according to the priority you ascribe to job positions that require these capabilities. At the same time, you can fill in any additional Skills and Knowledge (that you haven't already included in your CV) and “weight” them so they are taken into account in the job postings search according to your profile. Once you complete filling the aforementioned information, click on "Save and View Results" to go to the page with the customized job results.