Terms and Conditions of Use

This is a statement regarding the terms and conditions of use for the website http://www.topcvmakers.com

This website belongs to societe anonyme under the name "ELAN INFORMATION AND ADVERTISING SERVICES SOCIETE ANONYME" ("ELAN SA").

Through the website “http://www.topcvmakers.com” ("the website") we offer "Services", related to work and career issues.

We ask Users to use this website according to the stated terms of use, as they are upgraded and modified. Moreover, by using these Services it will be considered that Users accept the stated terms of use. Given that the content of these terms of use can, when necessary, change without warning, when Users use the Services, they must check this page for the latest edition of terms of use.

ELAN reserves the right to modify the stated Terms at any given time. The continuing use of this Website after every such modification constitutes agreement on behalf of the User to commit and accept to the Terms, as they have been modified.

Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before using this Website. These Terms are applicable to all the users of this website. By using this website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don't accept these Terms and Conditions, it is advisable to leave this Website. ELAN intends to rely on these Terms and Conditions and our intention is that we should be legally binded by these, when Users use this Website. If you do not understand any of the Terms, please contact us. We advise you to print these Terms and Conditions and keep a copy for future reference.


1.    During the User's visit in the website and his/her initial new User sign up, he/she will be asked to provide the full User name, the email account and a personal password.
2.    After User initial sign up, he/she will be asked to optionally register further personal data, such but not restricted to date of birth, address, contact numbers.
3.    ELAN states that, subject to the following stipulations on the use of Users' personal data and their agreement to it, it will not publicize personal information to any third party.    


1.    User incurs liability to use our Services in a way that is compatible with all stated Greek laws and regulations.
2.    The use of Services requires an internet access. The User shall, with his/her expenses and liability, ensure the proper equipment, software and communication means, in order to access the internet.
3.    ELAN reserves the right to add, change or/and delete any parts of its Services’ content in the future, and, in these cases, holds no responsibility towards the users.
4.    ELAN does not guarantee in any case the credibility of providing the Services technically wise, the results of their access or anything relevant to the effectiveness during provision of Services by the Provider.
5.    For maintaining purposes of this website (including the emergency maintenance), the Services can be revoked, without prior notice. In case the User purchases a subscription package, subject to the following stipulations, the provision of Services will be postponed for the same amount of time, without being cancelled.
6.     ELAN holds no responsibility for any damages that the User may suffer, which may be attributed to errors in the Services that are provided by this website, for the suspension of Services and so on. For further details, the User must consult the Chapter "Liability Limitations" in this website.
7.    Although ELAN makes every effort to protect its Website from digital viruses, it cannot guarantee that it will be always virus free. Therefore, every User must ensure his/her protection by using antivirus programs, virus scanner or other protection systems, prior to the Topcvmakers.com use or information, software or content information.
8.    ELAN forbids the use of any part of the provided Services to the present web site, or the access to it for commercial purposes.
9.    The provided Services by ELAN concern the compilation, editing, registration, saving, publicizing under terms and promoting the registered material by the User and are categorized into (a) CV Compilation Services, (b) Cover Letter Compilation Services, (c) Video CV Creation Services, (d) Professional translation services of the Users' relevant archives from Greek and English to English and Greek respectively, as well as to French, Spanish, Italian, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese, (e) LinkedIn professional profile creation Services and (f) Services to Employers and legal entities.
10.    Regarding the provided service of CV and Cover Letter compiling, editing, registering, saving, publicizing under terms and promoting, User has the following options:
10.1.     compile the material but not purchase the relevant service, so the material is only saved in the User profile and can be further edited, without charging the User,
10.2.    alternatively, buy any of the ELAN recommended subscription packages of limited time, according to which the User can purchase the relevant material, in order to share and publicize to third parties, to download and save in pdf format, to edit, to assign to the Website administrator the matching between the User's personal information and interests and the existing job positions or candidates. In this case and if the User does not explicitly state his/her opposition, his/her CV will be available for preview as a result of the searches, which will be performed by User Employers and Legal Entities. 
11.    Regarding the provided Video CV creation, registration, saving, publicizing under terms and promoting Service, User states from now on that he/she has been informed for the result of the provided Service by the available demo video in the Website, in which real people are portrayed. The final outcome of the Service is not under User approval, given that the User through his/her demo has already fully and unconditionally been informed regarding the type of the specific Service and cannot deny the provided Service in case it is not satisfying.
12.    Regarding the provided LinkedIn professional profile creation, User explicitly and irrevocably states that he/she discloses to ELAN full personal information that are required to create and post his/her professional profile in the aforementioned website LinkedIn, by agreeing in advance to the editing and publicizing of his/her personal data through its posting in the above professional platform. In this case, the precision and correctness of the data is solely the responsibility of the User.  
13.    Regarding the provided Video CV creation, LinkedIn Professional Profile creation and professional translation of the User's archives from Greek and English to foreign languages, we note that this Services are prepaid and delivered to the User in the deadline disclosed to the User, excluding the LinkedIn Professional Profile creation Service, for which a specific timeline will not be set.
14.    Payments for payable provided Services can be made with any of the ways described analytically in the Website. 
15.    We notify all Users that every required payment for payable provided Services is not refundable, except for the case of delayed provision and delivery of Service to the User, culpability of ELAN.


ELAN offers to Users the non-exclusive right of accessing and using the Website, only for personal use. According to the above, Users can edit, register and publicize through the website material concerning their party, without being able, subject to the following stipulations regarding payment policy, to sell, transfer and dispose this material to third parties. Hereby, the Users agree that they are exclusively responsible for the content of any Document posted in the Website and for any consequence that may arise from editing, posting and in general publicizing of the Document.
ELAN bears no responsibility for the precision, correctness, truthfulness and fullness of the information registered by the User. In case of registering false information, User will bear full civil and criminal liability against any third party, relieving ELAN from any liability, even for gross negligence. 


ELAN provides Users that search for suitable job candidates, non-exclusive right to access and use this Website only for internal business use seeking prospective employees. According to the foregoing, this User has permission and can preview those CVs that are kept in the database and come up as a result of the relevant search that the User conducts and according to the set criteria, under the following terms and conditions, but has no right to sell, transfer or dispose any of the material other Users who search for work own, to any third party without the express written authorization of ELAN. This User is solely responsible for the content of any Document or information the User registers and posts to the Site and any consequences arising from such registering and posting.


1.    All User Information, such as names and email addresses, we have acquired through the use of the Service by the users, will be used  in accordance with the terms of the present Terms of the "Privacy Policy".
2.    ELAN states that all listed User’s personal information is kept under Law 2472/1997, as modified and currently applicable, for the protection of the individual from editing personal data.
3.    Furthermore, the intellectual property rights of any information and Software in this Website are protected by the law regarding intellectual property in Greece and other applicable legislature.
4.    Besides the ex ante approval of ELAN and the providers of the information, Users, subject to the above stipulations in Term II have no right to copy, publicize, transmit, distribute, assign, rent, permit, reprint or reuse the whole or part of the information and Software or their respective content.
5.    Users' personal information will be legally and justifiably edited by ELAN, solely for reasons relevant to the type and quality of the provided Services. Therefore, with the present we state that any personal information will never be edited for illegal purposes or in any way incompatible with the above. Even in the case where further editing of the Users' personal information is required, an explicit and unconditional consent of the subject of the right will be asked in advance.
6.    It is explicitly stated that the User can stop the publication of his/her personal information to third parties, as well as make this information unavailable for checking in any search conducted by other Users Employers - Legal Entity, for confidentiality, business privacy protection or any other legitimate reason.
7.    Services Users have to make a statement of full understanding and acceptance of the "Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights", regarding the information presented in this Website and to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, by paying special attention to the handling of this information in the website.
8.    This website automatically collects information regarding site visits, including domain names on the Internet, IP addresses, fieldwork issues, and pages.
9.    Cookies are small parts of information saved on the User's PC. ELAN can have access to and place cookies in the User's PC. Cookies permit the system to track a User as registered Member and save his/her preferences that are not related to the User's personal information. The use of cookies in no way compromises User's sensitive information.
10.    ELAN takes all necessary measures for the proper handling of information acquired, in order to prevent any leakage, loss or destruction of the acquired information.
11.    ELAN reserves the right to convey information regarding Users and the use of the Website in case of deputing its rights, such as but not limited to acquisition, acquirement, or merger with another company cases.


It is agreed and allowed to ELAN to use the User's personal information in order to:

1.    Regulate, modify and update the User's account and profile, as well as the registered and posted content, always after the User's agreement.
2.    In cases, where the User selects the provision of services, for which a payment with any of the prescribed and acceptable ways is in order, ELAN will share the User's personal information with financial organizations and companies, to the extent that this is mandatory for the conduction of the payment and the avoidance of any credit card fraudulent use, without ELAN bearing any liability for the use of the personal information by the specific financial organization.
3.    No personal information will be used from our part except for the field of the provided ELAN Services, nor will it be publicized to third parties, unless an application is submitted for publicizing the collected information in this Website, according to the Greek legislature and regulations, except if other special circumstances occur, such as illegal acts, including illegal access and threats.
4.    Nevertheless, there may be cases, where information in this website, public comments, opinions and researches, which are addressed to ELAN, as well as relevant personal information, can be collected statistically or be included in official comment publication.
5.    In all the above indicative but not limited to cases, the User offers explicitly and unconditionally agreement to the use of the aforementioned personal information by ELAN.
6.    User's personal information use can be made, in order for ELAN to:
6.1.     inform the User about new job positions or new prospective employees,
6.2.     provide personal and safe place for editing, registering and publicizing User's personal information, according to the purpose of ELAN'S provided Services,
6.3.     send data and information relative to the User's preferences and interests,
6.4.     inform about possible new provided services,
6.5.     inform about any alterations of the Website’s terms of use,
6.6.     Forward User's information to other Website Users, unless the User forbids the publication of his/her personal information.


1.    ELAN has taken all precautionary measures regarding information for this website, but does not guarantee in any case the fullness, precision, usefulness, security and so on of its content. Additionally, all information relevant to this website is only a part of the information regarding ELAN's business, and is not intended to include all relevant information.  ELAN will not be responsible for any consequences that may arise from decisions or actions that are taken from users based on information in this website.
2.    ELAN, in no case, including but not limited to negligence, will be responsible for any special or consequent damage that may accrue from the use or lack of use of Services by the User, even if ELAN is informed for the probability of such damages.
3.    All information in this website are the latest at the time of their posting and do not necessarily correspond to the information at the time used by the User. All information regarding this website is subject to change or delete regarding the name, the content and so on, without prior warning. Additionally, the URL address of the website, including the home page, can be changed without warning. ELAN will not be responsible for any user's damage or problems or other consequences in relation to the pointers of deleted links that arise from changes or the deletes of information in this website or the changes in the URL address of this website.
4.    ELAN will bear no liability whatsoever for any damages that are induced in users and are due to the suspension of services in this website, caused by website maintenance or force majeure reasons such as fire, power shortage or any other natural disaster, viruses, interventions from third parties.
5.    ELAN does not guarantee the precision, the legitimacy, and so on of the information for every website that is linked to this website. For any problem arising from the use of any linked website, the user is asked to take care of the issue solely under his/her responsibility.
6.    ELAN provides no guarantee that the use of this website will lead neither to the hiring of the User - employee candidate, nor to the filling of an empty job position for the User - Employer's company.
7.    ELAN bears no liability for the decisions of any User.


1.    As a rule, Internet websites can be linked with the present ELAN website, without the permission of ELAN. However, the link will be rejected in cases, where we note that the website's content disturbs the public order or morality or breaks any laws or regulations.
2.    In cases where we believe that the link depiction is not right or proper, we will notify the User, so as to reconsider or delete the link. In any such case, we ask Users to promptly comply with the announcement.


Users themselves have to, with their own expenses and responsibility, solve any complaint and claim that may arise in relation to the use of Services by them, to the breaking of the stated terms of use or the breaking of third party rights from the User, as for ELAN won't bear any obligation or responsibility regarding any such claims or complaints. Additionally, in case ELAN is charged with any costs (including compensation payment) that relate to the dealing of such complaints or claims, the user will be responsible for those costs.


The Company, when deemed necessary to contact or communicate with the User, will do so through the registered email, or/and with any other way appropriate to the situation.


In case Users note acts that violate the stated Terms of Use, or wish to submit any complaint regarding the provided Services and their content, they are asked to contact the Customer Service Centre of ELAN, either by sending email at info@topcvmakers.com or by phone at 0030-210-6654314. ELAN will provide Users with answers and any explanations regarding the matters that are the reason for their communication.


1.    Users are forbidden to violate or try to violate the Website security, as indicative, but not limited to:
1.1.     Have access to data that are not intended for a User or to link to the server or to an account they do not own as Users.
1.2.     search the vulnerabilities of the system or the network or violate security measures or certification measures without authorization,
1.3.     try to prevent the use of the Service to any User,
1.4.     send emails of advertising or promotional content regarding products and services,
1.5.     forge any information relevant to the Website or the provided services, violation that draws against them civil and criminal penalties. 


1.    These Terms are interpreted and governed by the Greek law.
2.    In case where a dispute occurs between ELAN and the User regarding this website, the Services or the stated terms of use, both parties shall make any effort possible to solve the dispute with mutually satisfying way, but, if this is not possible, any dispute, relevant to the present agreement, will be irrevocably solved by arbitration in Athens, from a Greek Arbitrator and the arbitration proceedings will be conducted in the Greek language.